About Us

Your source for the largest selection of plastic pallets in the India.

At Palletex, we like to anchor ourselves on one word...simplicity. The business model of Palletex was founded on 4 very basic, very fundamental principles. Quality, Cost, Environmental Responsibility, and Service.

With our years of experience of Manufacturing and Supplying Plastic Pallets, we can assist you with any of your Plastic Pallet enquiries.

The Palletex challenge - Quality

Safety - No rusty nails, no splintering, no bacteria/insect infestation. Will not harbor mold or mildew.

Consistency - Uniform structural integrity = no weak links, less repair costs/down time, and better performance.

Longevity - Lasts up to 200 times longer than its wood counterpart.

The Palletex Challenge - Cost

This concept was the easiest to figure out. To be competitive in any business environment, it helps to have the lowest prices available. Our commitment to our customers regarding pricing is simple. Compare our product and pricing with our competition. We believe we have the best product at the lowest price.

The Palletex Challenge - Environmental Impact

Our slogan at Palletex sums up our approach to business. "Changing habits, changes habitats." Every decision we make on a daily basis will impact the environment we live in. From recycling plastic bottles, to driving hybrid vehicles, from picking up garbage on our beaches, to planting trees in our neighborhoods, we can all make a difference.

The Palletex Challenge - Service

We believe our service and expertise to be unmatched. Same day quotes. We pride ourselves in selling a solution and not just a product. If Palletex does not have an application suitable for your needs, we will gladly direct you to whatever resources we have in our data base.

At Palletex, the customer will always come first.