Market Sectors

STORO PALLET: Catering to Diverse Market Sectors as the Leading Plastic Pallets Manufacturer in Bangalore

We are one of India’s largest plastic pallet manufacturer and supplier and have been supplying Plastic Pallets, Plastic Containers, Plastic Crates and Plastic storage boxes to all types of businesses across all applications.

Foods, Hygiene

The processing of sensitive raw materials in the meat, bakery or confectionery production requires the highest hygienic standards. Thus, material flow in the food processing industry demands the use of load carriers, which comply with these strict regulations.

STORO PALLET supports the logistic processes with long lifetime, high quality and reliability. They are easy to clean and ensure a consistently high standard of hygiene. Besides plastic pallets, STORO PALLET offers a varied product portfolio of food grade storage and transport containers. The large containers made from pure HDPE are used across all industries for the mixing, storing and transporting of goods.


The fishing industry depends on the reliability and quality of many factors: The crew at sea, the fishing vessel and all support systems both on and off shore. Storo fish boxes have been a vital part of this process chain and landing the valuable catch for over 25 years.

Storo plastic injection moulded fish boxes are made from pure high density polyethylene material and meet all technical and hygienic demands of the international fishing industry. With their high impact resistance and excellent load bearing capacities they are designed for a wide range of applications. They offer significant transport cost savings thanks to an innovative construction that enables secure stacking and deep nesting.


In-house material flow is an often underrated factor in the component production for the automotive industry, disruptions in the transport and storage facilities can lead to time-consuming and extensive downtime. Using robust plastic pallets can significantly reduce such disruptions.

For the past 25 years, STORO PALLET has been developing and manufacturing high-quality, durable plastic pallets and offers an extensive portfolio of half, Euro and Industrial size pallets for a variety of applications. One example is the D plastic pallet with 22 mm rims: Specially developed for the automotive and supplier industries, it offers high load safety for blister applications.

Chemicals, Pharma, Cosmetics

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is a main driver for innovation and development and a key industry in India. It places particularly high demands and strict regulations on product hygiene as well as the production environment. The finished products are highly sensitive, making compliance with hygiene regulations a must for all intralogistics processes. The use of plastic load carriers can contribute significantly to supporting these standards.

STORO PALLET manufactures high-quality plastic pallets made from only pure HDPE and offers solutions for numerous areas in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry - from highly sensitive cleanroom, to production line or goods dispatch applications. High-quality STORO PALLET conform to both HACCP and GMP standards and are easily washable after every trip, which ensures reliable protection from contamination or water ingress. Plastic load carriers can also help minimize load damages caused during shipping.

One example from the product portfolio is the cleanroom suitable TC pallet. This completely closed plastic pallet is setting new standards with its smooth deck surface. The patented welding seam geometry of top and bottom deck ensures that the pallet remains completely closed even during rough handling and thus free from contamination.

Logistics & Materials Handling

Pooling and logistics applications place particular emphasis on load carrier quality, durability and toughness. To prove their worth in the long run, pallets need to be extremely break proof and impact resistant to withstand rough handling.

STORO PALLET are highly reliable in daily operations. Especially established in pooling applications is the SP pallet with integrated reinforcement profiles. It is an ideal solution for heavy loads and complex tasks. The heavy-duty pallet performs particularly well in automated high rack systems and offers the highest dimensional stability with load capacities of up to 1.400 kg.

Equipping plastic pallets with RFID transponders (UHF, HF) turns them into information carriers with huge potential for the entire supply chain. The use of this technology allows dynamic and flexible data management - even for processes that have fully exhausted existing identification systems such as barcodes. The benefits of this technology are manifold, as it offers a high degree of process and cost transparency.

Packaging, Cardboard, Foil

Packaging and foil printing places high demands on upstream and downstream logistics processes. Secure handling has to be ensured throughout production, storage of raw materials as well as finished goods in order to avoid damages on the sensitive carton, corrugated board or foil products. STORO PALLET offer more security and reliability for these applications.

Plastic load carriers are splinter-free, even during rough handling. As a result, damages caused by splinters or abrasion become a thing of the past when using high-quality plastic pallets. They are ideal for automated processes and run smooth in all standard handling and conveyor systems. The pallets are maintenance and repair free, which cuts costs on time-consuming and costly pallet checks.

The extensive product portfolio offers solutions for many areas. What’s more, STORO PALLET can be individually adapted to any application. From optional anti-slip on the top deck, integrated reinforcement profiles for higher load capacities to rims for additional load safety - the possibilities are diverse.