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As a leading plastic pallet manufacturer in India, Palletex specializes in manufacturing all kinds of HDPE plastic pallets. Our main products fall into five series: heavy duty plastic pallets, stackable pallets, rackable plastic pallets, nestable pallets, plastic export pallets. With rapid expansion of the plastic pallet sales, we are now a well-known plastic pallet supplier in India with 70,000 square meters ground area and 20,000 square meters floor area. In our production, we apply 12 large most advanced injection molding machines with clamping force from 1,6000 T to 4,000 T and other 8 injection molding machines as well as 6 blow molding machines.

With our years of experience of Manufacturing and Supplying Plastic Pallets, we can assist you with any of your Plastic Pallet enquiries.

Our plastic pallets are widely used in shipping and storing goods. We select high intensity materials with good performance. Compared to wooden and steel pallets, it has many advantages as follow: light weight, beautiful appearance, stability, high recycling value, long durability (5-7 times as that of wooden pallets), etc. They are applied in the fields of chemistry, petro chemistry, food, beverage, electric equipment, etc.

Furthermore, our superb plastic pallets are ideal substitutes for wooden products in conformity with the national environmental protection standard. We adhere to provide good service and high quality products. Our plastic pallet sales have far reached to Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, New Zealand (NZ), South Africa, Singapore, etc. We are trying our best to improve our equipment and advance technologies on the of unceasing good service.

We are looking forward to making old and new friends for small or big orders. We also welcome customized orders. Welcome to our factory and gain more details about us.

Rental and Leasing Programs

Budgets are tight. This is why we offer comprehensive rental programs to fit your shipping needs.

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Pallet Purchasing

Don't want to rent? Tired of leasing? Have your own closed network? Consider purchasing!

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Palletex specializes in manufacturing all kinds of HDPE plastic pallets.

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Our Strenghts

Palletex mainly known for its strong competitiveness, passion for innovation and customer care.

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Our Fleet

We offer nationwide service coverage and real-time dispatch tracking and tracing.

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Transportation Services

If you have freight to move, Palletex can help you. We know the shipping industry inside and out.

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